We have a rich menu of services to cover the various set of homeowners; those who have been victimized by mortgage companies and agencies and loan lenders. Primary, we offer education services that are meant to inform the homeowner on the various loan modification schemes available. Some of the mortgage modification programs out there are pure scams that are meant to cheat unknowing and easily-trusting homeowner off their money therefore, if you have been a victim of these fraud programs, you still have hope, through the various services available here.

Our services have been designed to suit the various homeowner; those who are facing financial difficulties but not yet fallen behind in the monthly mortgage payment, those who have been scammed by fraudulent mortgage modification companies and agencies, those who have just fallen behind in mortgage payment, and the most advanced mortgage defaulters facing foreclosure.

The services available from US legal networks are;

  1. A.R.P. (Home Affordable Refinance Program)
  2. A.R.P. 2.0 (Home Affordable Refinance Program 2.0)
  3. Short Sale Program
  4. Mass Tort Mortgage Litigation

5.       Individualized Lender Litigation

6.       Court Forms Preparation

7.       Mortgage Loan Audit

8.       Foreclosure Defense

To gain maximum benefit from these services you need to find the most suitable services for your situation. To establish this, you will need help from our staff member especially if you don’t have prior information regarding these various services. For example, if you your mortgage is insured but are still seeking for a refinance, then the HARP 2.0 will be the best program for your case.

In addition to these well designed programs, we have a team of professional, well skilled, and experienced legal experts who will be at your help whenever required. The services available are also provided and you will be guided through each by a professional attorney. The services of an attorney are part of the program which is an added advantage as you don’t have to pay for the attorney as would be the case in a local arrangement.

The primary objective of the services provided by US legal networks is not delivering of customer satisfaction. Therefore, for any of the services to prefer, the attorney responsible for your case will attend to the services until you get a viable, credible, and practical mortgage modification that you can comfortably pay. Through the process, the legal attorney on your case will foresee the various requirements, offer the necessary information, and tip that will help to enrich your knowledge of mortgages. So, which services would you require? If there is a services you need and it is not listed on the service lists above, feel free to contact us through a call, email, or though the form on the Contact Us page.