In 2011, I was faced with the threat of losing my home. I was in financial turmoil an unable to raise my monthly mortgage payment. I came across a certain agency that was promising mortgage modification services. They promised to renegotiate with the originator of the mortgage for better monthly payment that I could afford and an extension of the repayment duration. And after two day, they contact me to say they had signed a deal with the mortgage company therefore, I should be sending my new amount to them. After three months of sending the monthly amount to them, I got foreclosure notice from the original mortgage company only to contact them and to my shock, there were no renegotiation and for the past three months, I have fallen behind in my payment. In this shock, I friend recommended US legal network, I contacted them and I am glad I did. They helped me to acquire a genuine modification through their HARP. I strongly recommend US legal networks.