Early 2010 I was faced with financial difficulties after my mother-in-law was taken ill and my business went into financial melt-down. As a result, I was unable to raise my monthly mortgage payment. But because I had heard of US legal networks, I did not wait for the month to end and fall behind in my payment; I contact them through an email which is provided on their website. Within 12 hours, I got a reply and we establish a one-on-one communication where I explained to them my situation. Because I did not know which of their programs would be the best for me, I was not able to pick among the services they offer. Luckily, the guy who was attending to me, whom I came to know later he is a legal attorney, helped me and recommended the home affordable refinance program for me. I was able to re-negotiate with the mortgage firm and they allowed me to pay a monthly amount I was comfortable with and I could rise. Right now I am almost done with the repayment and I can’t cease to thank US legal networks.